So, why sell through us?
The Realty Boutique is the prefect blend of expertise, professionalism & innovative marketing, making us the most dynamic, formidable team to sell your home.
Our new revolutionized business model & dynamic marketing allows for improved effectiveness in the buying and selling process. Go online and our dedicated professionals are never more than a call or click away and are able to offer the most efficient, and therefore cost effective, services.
We understand that some of our clients love the creature comforts and personal touch of the traditional estate agent. Therefore along with our advanced marketing we also offer full estate agency services that include new & improved marketing sale options – making us the go-to agency to sell your home.
Holiday Rentals
Having an income property can often mean more responsibility than income; tenants, leases, bills can be overwhelming. Or maybe you’re just needing a getaway and want to make money and memories at the same time. No matter the circumstance- we have the solution. Using our skills in the rental industry, to maximize the secure AIR BnB platform, we deliver the best experience for you and your guests.
Advanced Marketing
The full benefits of technological advances are yet to be embraced by the real estate industry in South Africa and we’re excited to lead you in this innovative venture. Our dedicated marketing team works 24/7 to assist in the promoting and sale of your home through advanced and innovative marketing strategies and techniques. This will allow your home to reach more potential buyers and accelerate the home selling process.
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